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Wednesday 21 January 2015

how to make magento android app

In this tutorial we learn how to create magento mobile app

Mobile Assistant for Magento Connector 

Automated Installation from Magento Connect 

Magento offers two API's to develop your app in Android
    a. SOAP API
    b. XML-RPC

    If you want to use XMLRPC API,then you have to download it's library and use it in your Project.
    You have to create a New User in your Magento Store with roles.That you can do by loging in to your Admin module and the option is under the system->WebServices->User && Roles...You have to create first roles and then create a user and assign the roles to the User.
    You have to use the UserName and APIKey that you give in the Magento Store for calling the login Function.
    Calling the Login function,you will Receive a Session Id,that you have to store and Use it in your further calls.

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Mobile Assistant for Magento

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OnPulse - Mobile administration for Magento



Install the Magento Mobile Extension
You can download the free Mobile extension from Magento Connect by Magento to add the Magento Mobile tab in your store admin. Once installed a new tab called Mobile will be added to your store. This tab contains all necessary configurations and management fields. Magento CE 1.5 and higher as well as Magento EE and Magento PE 1.10 and higher already have this tab in built.
Create an App
Once installed successfully you can dive straight into the app development. Select the first submenu from Mobile tab Manage Apps. You’ll be redirected to a grid containing all your apps (submitted or otherwise) to Magento. First times will be faced with an empty grid. Click on Add App to create your very own first Magento Mobile app.
Select the device type from the three available choices. Currently Magento supports iPad, iPhone and Android apps. Select any of your choice and continue. A new page will be shown containing a lot of settings. This is where you create your app. I’ll give an overview of each tab and what you can customize in it:
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1. General
General App Information like your app name and the store view that you are going to use etc can be set from here. FYI it’s advisable to create a new store view for specific use of your app.
2. Design
The visual design of your app like Images, color scheme and tabs are edited from here. There are a lot of default color schemes as well as you can add your custom color scheme. Add logos as well as app background images and instant preview is displayed beside the configuration fields.
3. Content
You can add CMS pages from your store to your Mobile app.
4. Payment Methods
Set payment methods for checkout through the app. You’ll get options to add default Magento payment methods plus some additional payment methods can also be set.
5. Submission History
The submission record of the app, activation key as well as submission date is displayed in grid.
6. Cache Management
Cache management for the app can be set from this tab. To disable cache you can opt to leave the field blank but IMHO caches are meant to be kept enabled.
7. Social Networking
Three social media APIs can be integrated within your app, namely FB, Twitter and LinkedIn. Not mandatory but a great advantage for social media promotion.
8. Push Notification
Setting to subscribe to push notifications by Urban Airship
Submit the App
After you have finished your app you can submit it to Magento for publishing consideration. The submission can be performed from your admin itself. You can edit your app from Mobile->Manage Apps and when you save it select Save and Submit App option. That way you’ll be able to provide submission information to Magento Mobile team.




  1. Go to Magento Connect (official Magento modules marketplace) and find Mobile Assistant for Magento Connector -

  2. Click "Install Now". If you are not currently logged into the site you will be prompted to do so. Please use your Magento Connect credentials to log in or register here. 
  3. Select Magento Connect version 2.0, accept the extension’s license agreement, and copy the extension key.

    Magento Mobile Assistant Key

  4. Log into your store's backend (your Magento Store Admin pannel) and go to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager.


    Log in with your Magento Store administrator credentials.


  5. Paste the extension key (that you've copied on step 3. see above) into the text box next to the corresponding field and click ‘install’.


    A system window will appear towards the bottom of the page that will display the progress of your installation.

  6. Now you have successfully installed the connector.

    IMPORTANT: You should clear Magento cache and re-login into your store backend. 

Manual Installation

If you don't have account at Magento Connect, you can download and install the Connector manually.

  1. Download the file at:
  2. Log into your store's backend and go to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager.

    Log in with your Magento Store administrator credentials.


  3. Upload the Package file that you have just installed in the section "Direct package file upload"

    and click "Uploadl".

    A system window will appear towards the bottom of the page that will display the progress of your installation.

  4. Now you have successfully installed the connector.

    IMPORTANT: You should clear Magento cache and re-login into your store backend.

Mobile Assistant Connector Configuration

  1. Navigate in your admin console to System -> Configuration-> Magento Mobile Connector. You will see it only if you have installed the connector manually or automatically.


  2. Set your secure login and password.
    Default login and password are '1' and '1'. So please change them to more secure ones and keep in mind to specify in your Mobile application.

    *do not scan our QR code. There's default data that cannot be used to connect to any store  )
  3. At the bottom of settings page you can see QR code. Now you can scan it to get all settings into your app.
    In case you change login and password, you need to save configs to get updated QR code.
Now all is done and you can proceed to the installation of Free Mobile Assistant on your Android device.
For detailed description of all features check here.

If you have any questions or issues, please e-mail us at and we'll assist you free of charge.

Mobile Assistant Android Application Installation

The above connector allows you to get your Magento Data from your site directly into your Mobile phone. Also some advanced actions becomes available with updated connector. Follow few more steps to use the application:
  1. Download file at Google Play. Look for Mobile Assistant for Magento at -
  2. Run installation package on your Android Device
  3. Open application to set up connection with the mobile connector installed above.
  4. On the connection settings page specify data. You can do it manually or automatically load settings by scanning QR code generated on step 3 of Mobile Assistant Connector Configuration (see description above)

    To download and set all settings automatically use QR Code button next to connection configuration title (upper right corner). Once scanned, you need to click Save for changes to be applied. If everything is done correctly, you can use application.

    In case anything goes wrong, you can proceed to manual setup:

    Your store URL - Specify your store URL here. It may look like
    In case your store (shopping cart) is installed in some folder, specify the whole path here like or

     Your store should be public and should be visible for whole world. Stores locked for maintenance or those that require verification before being able to see products will not work!

    Use Detect Button to find what type of connection you can use now. If you haven't configured neither bridge nor mobile assistant connector type, you need to go back to section 1 and setup them correctly.

    Connection Type
    - Mobile Assistant Connector or PHP Bridge. New version of Mobile Assistant requires Mobile Assistant Connector to be installed. Please see section 1 above. This type of connection opens new features of Mobile assistant and is specially designed for Magento Shopping Carts. PHP Bridge connection type can be used with older versions of Mobile Assistant, and offers only basic functionality of the application.

    Store Title
     - You can name your store connection as you wish. You can enable option to retrieve title automatically from your Magento store. On the screen above we've specified "My Magento" as Store title. It doesn't affect the work in any way. It is a good idea to specify your store name here so you could easily check what sore are you in now if you have few stores to check on your Android device.

    Receive push notifications once order is placed - Allows you to see notifications directly once order is placed. Push notifications are available for Mobile Assistant Connector only.

  6. Click Save to keep settings and connect to your store, or use Back button to discard this entry and close application.

    Use Test connection button to verify if all settings are correct.

That's it. All settings are set and you're welcome to enjoy all features of the application.

For detailed description of all features check here.
If your goal is to build a native app (as you say in a comment), then you should take a look at both the REST and SOAP APIs.


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