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Friday 1 January 2021

learn digital marketing SEO step by step 2021

Digital marketing step by step :-

Digital Marketing In 5 Minutes | What Is Digital Marketing? | Learn Digital Marketing

Free Copywriting Course

Playlist :

Learn from the MASTERS of digital marketing observe their campaign & copywrite and try to implement same for your business

How to Start Social Media Marketing (4 ESSENTIAL Tips for Beginners)

Don't promote your product instantly in organic social media traffic after 3 or 4 month start educating  them about your products and business. Ask them for shoutout & link sharing.

Learn Digital Marketing 



Boost sales online using digital marketing?

  1. social media marketing FB & insta ads
  2. google ads
  3. list your services with classified directory in your region for India 🇮🇳 Olx quikr justdial
It’s a necessary for your business social media marketing and email marketing for customer acquisition is used widely everywhere

Emails marketing :

Never ever spam, create form & give subscribe to email option. Create your email list. Send them message with catchy headlines without spamming, opening email rate is very important, send mails in batches if sending same mail in bulks take 1 hrs. gap put limit of 50 users only, and  last but not the least provide VALUE.

  1. Use catchy subject & headlines.
  2. Use tools to Monitor emails, check the percentage of unopened mails
  3. Use email campaigns to make your life easy and sorted
  4. As per recipient’s interests and preferences customized the email content.
  5. Remove all email bounces, make category of emails also as per their interest

Affiliate marketing :- 

1. Create Email funnel to convert cold leads into hot leads
2. Learn Marketing & sales tips and tricks

how to earn money online 

  1. Create PayPal account
  2. Fiverr sell your skill
  3. Write & sell ebook on KDP kindle
  4. Sell digital product through payhip & gumroad
  5. Create your YouTube channel & share your knowledge
  6. Work as a freelancer

Wordpress website SEO & Adsense Blogging :-

Setup Yoast SEO Plugin on WordPress [Official Guide]

How To Start a Blog on Wordpress in 2021 | Wordpress Tutorial for Beginners to Advance

Fast Google Adsense Approval for Blogger & Wordpress (2021) 🔥 How to Monetize Blogger With Adsense

How To Setup Hosting Subdomain To Blogger