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Friday 7 February 2014

Entrepreneur Ideas By Entrepreneur And How They Learn Entrepreneurship

Watch all entrepreneur video on  youtube for entrepreneur ideas 

Make account on to learn entrepreneurship.

If you have Entrepreneur Ideas and want  funding try  startupvillage.other best funding sources for small business is ANGEL INVESTORS ,VENTURE CAPITA, INCUBATOR,CROWD FUNDING.

Entrepreneurship Development  is done by watching and consulting or surrounding yourself with great  entrepreneur.entrepreneurial skill can be develop in anybody just try in real world,books and institute can only give virtual knowledge or idea but doing it in real world can help you lot to learn entrepreneurship.
                                                 Comfort Zone is the most dangerous place for entrepreneur move asap from your comfort zone and try to nailed out whatever you want.First thing in learning entrepreneurship
is very to find your to find your niche :-
  • Things you like / love
  • Things you are good at
  • Things that are important
  • Things you can be paid to do.
                                     Find what you love and what make you happy,what keeps you up at night? This Step is very important,If you have idea start your business asap don't waste your time someone's else might do it.Have passion for your work.Learn to handle or manage people.

                                    Whatever maybe your field or business try to make best compare to your competitor.Tell people why should they buy from you.Try to make best product possible this is more require than  marketing,Apple inc never sign a superstar or sportsperson for marketing because Apple is more than a brand.

                                   Than question came how to make money, Big company like Apple,Facebook  follow innovation  they just Try to make best product possible ever.Facebook doesn't know how to make money then in 2007 they hire Sheryl Sandberg .Before Facebook, Sandberg was V. President of Online Sales and Operations at Google.She very well know how make money from people by marketing.In online world People is equal to money.People serch lots of time how to make money online.It's very easy whatever you do online that's make you money. if you want to make money from link try recommended people hate to wait). Make money from text based advertisement.Try google adsense and Try affiliate marketing programs.Use for writing article to make money.Do freelancing jobs.This are short term trick  without hustle for making online money.
                                    First make community of customer than make money.Give lots of important to innovation  in your organization.

Learn :what is CPL,CPM,CPI,PPC in online advertising and marketing.
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Get Knowledge About :What is Differences Between Wholesalers,Distributors, and Retailers,supplier

Entrepreneur Ideas for future is E-commerce,Online Healthcare Business,Open things what people need in their day to day life, execute your idea as early as possible.

This post is by Entrepreneur  AAVIK KUMAR