Friday 31 August 2012

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Google Listen best android app

Google Listen is a unique offering from Google Labs that functions like a search engine and subscription tool for podcasts across the web. If you're on the train and realize you've forgotten to download the latest episode of NPR's This American Life, simply fire up Google Listen, search for it, and stream it immediately, from the source.

Google Listen effectively eliminates the need to download podcasts or connect your handset to your computer. And with subscription options built in, once you find a show you like, you'll never miss an episode while you're on the go.

open home best android app

OpenHome is one of the leading customization apps available on the Market. It functions as a replacement for the default home screen, into which you can load customs skins, icon packs, and fonts -- many of which are freely available in the Market and created by other users.

In addition to the look and feel of your OS, OpenHome also allows for other custom tweaks including soft keyboard improvements and widget modifications.

caller lookup

★ Free Caller Lookup

★ This app automatically identifies incoming callers that are not in your contacts.
It searches international directories and displays the name of the caller as the phone rings and after a missed call.

♥ 100% FREE Caller ID App, only network charges

panga mat lena

Thursday 23 August 2012

canvasrider the game

faceapp the android app

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Finding out someone's IP address

Finding out someone's IP address

1) Go to The site will ask for your email. Enter your email and click "get links".

2) Now you will be redirected to a page where you'll see some links.

3) Copy one of those links and send them to your friend or person whose ip address you want to know....

4) When that person clicks on that link his IP address will be mailed to you instantly.



Now access the internet via your standard Microsoft Calculator using this trick.
You can do this for fun or when your browser is messed up for some unexplainable reason.


1. Open your MS Calculator. This is normally found in Start => All Programs => Accessories => Calculator.

2. Open the help-window by pressing the F1 key.

3. Click the top-left corner icon of the help window once (Standard is a Document with a Question mark).

4. Select 'Jump to URL'.

5. Type your address into the available field, but remember to type http://, and not just www. (or equivalent).